Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sept. 11, 2016

This week marked my 67th birthday. I had heard here that on your birthday, you took treats to those you love to show that you are grateful to still be alive.  I spent the morning making zucchini chocolate chip cookies and mini banana coconut crumble muffins. I took three dozen muffins and four dozen cookies to the afternoon temple shift for the French and English workers. I left a note on them in the lunch room stating that they could help themselves in honour of the day.  I certainly received many smiles and best wishes through out the afternoon and evening. There was not a crumb left on the serving tray when I picked it up. It was an exhausting kind of birthday but a very happy one.  Tom did bring me a box of chocolate caramels from Utah and Friday night we went to a restaurant and actually ate hamburgers with onions, tomato, lettuce, pickle, mustard and bbq sauce.
I felt like I made some breakthroughs in French this week.  First, I used the phrase “Puis-je vous aider?” several times and the response was always “Oui”.  One day when I walked into the women’s changing room, two French workers came up and gave me spontaneous hugs.  Another, I came out to the name booth where 19 French women had been waiting patiently.  They were expecting me to say bonjour, but instead, I gave them a big grin and said  “Tres bien, tres bien!” They responded with huge grins.  Good feelings!  They are starting to understand that I care about them.  I am feeling very comfortable with the French ordinances.  Wendy Johnson, I wish I had learned French when you did instead of waiting forty five years . It is hard for an old dog………

The above is a link to a meeting with Elder Bednar in Rwanda in August.. His responses to the questions are quite unique. I am fascinated with the answer to the question  What church will get you to Heaven? It gives great credence to a change of heart, motive, and becoming.

In other non-news, here was one of our down time activities for the past two weeks.  Yes, we put together a difficult jigsaw puzzle that we found in the building “library”.  It was very beautiful with all the all colors and mountain scenery (Mt. Rainer), but also very difficult.  Only one piece (out of 1,000) is missing.

And here is an attempt to capture the image of the temple spire at night from the balcony of a new apartment building nearby where some of the senior missionaries now live.  It is truly a beacon!

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  1. Good work with your French, Sue. How wonderful to know the ordinances in two languages. Bien fait. Wendy