Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 11, 2016

Last Sunday we went along with the temple president and matron to a district conference at Asamankese.  The conference was somewhat challenging for us since several participants spoke in Twi.  Pres. Simpson, the mission president, gave an inspired talk to close the meeting. He discussed the four things that the district needs do to qualify to become a stake within the coming year.  
A young girl at district conference

The journey itself was very interesting.  The 2 hour drive was through beautiful countryside, with some big hills.  The foliage could have been anywhere in Central America or the South Pacific.  We had rough gravel roads for about 1/4 of the trip.  The truly unique part was the enthusiastic political rally for the ruling party that we came upon as we traveled along.

A common mode of travel

Ghana held a presidential and parliamentary election this past Wednesday where the ruling party for the last seven years was defeated.  For many weeks we have heard the prayers by Ghanaians that this would be a peaceful election, whatever the outcome.  We also had warnings from US embassy email alert system about specific areas in Accra and elsewhere to avoid during the election day and until results were clear, so it was not without a bit of concern when we came across this demonstration.

There was danger that someone might fall off a truck or get hit by a passing vehicle, but otherwise it was just an exuberant display.  We almost captured the drums and horns in this video:

Prayers were answered in that things have been peaceful during and since the election.  We hope the transition will be the same.  The new president is to be inaugurated on Jan. 7.  

In the evening we enjoyed a progressive dinner at Alema Court with several missionary couples.  Our favorite part was the sharing of Christmas traditions and caroling.  Elder Peine told of Christmas as a child in Germany just after WWII and those who could sang along with Stille Nacht.  It was very touching.

A handwoven tablecloth

We found a walking stick (while we were walking, of course) and thought he deserved his photo here.  Sue had never seen one before.

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