Sunday, December 4, 2016

Merry December! Dec 4, 2016

We had a marvelous Thanksgiving, found turkeys that cost 5$ a lb but everyone donated to the meat so it wouldn’t have to be chicken which we eat often. They were brined and delicious although not the perfect shape of those in America. The MTC cafeteria made us 20 lbs of mashed potatoes, and the 59 people who attended, brought vegetables, salads, stuffing,[my favorite with dried apricots and fresh cranberries and thyme], gravy, hot rolls and cranberry orange muffins. We are including a picture of the dessert table with many kinds of pie, fudge cake, banana cake and pumpkin bars.  I think everyone felt like it was Thanksgiving.
Last night was our Temple Christmas devotional which we have been practicing for. Tom accompanied the choir on the piano and organ for traditional carols and drums were added for our three African carols : 
OYE   sung in Fante  the title means  It is Good 
NYAME YE KESE sung in Twi and means God is Great  
JESU KA WO HO sung in Twi and means The Lord is with you

Elder Vern Stanfill of the Seventy was the guest speaker and gave a masterful talk of what Christmas and the atonement really mean. A gift was given to all the Temple workers—a kilo of rice and a liter of cooking oil. Everyone was delighted. Our President and his wife were delighted with how the evening went and how many attended. I spent some time taking pictures of our fellow workers. Most of them we only see in white. Their personalities definitely came out in their clothing.

The percussion section

The accompanist and conductor

Sister Antwi, assistant matron

Pres. and Sister Graham

Pres. Antwi

Pres.and Sister Assard

          We hope each of you enjoy your Christmas preparations!  We are looking forward to the broadcast from Salt Lake in the morning.  If we watch it live it will be 1 AM here.

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