Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feb. 26, 2017

We wanted to highlight a service project done in Kumasi by a group of Young Single Adults this week, which was also spotlighted on the AWA web site.  They joined with some health professionals to do diabetes screening for 1,830 high school students.  Here is the link: .  “Though there was some hesitation to begin the process, each volunteer had been trained and prepared for the task at hand. Nephi Nortey-Annan, an 18-year-old Latter-day Saint young man from Takoradi said, ‘I am glad to give my service. I also receive blessings because I have learned about this disease and know better how to care for my own health. Service to God is never lost. You always get more than you give.’”

Volunteers practicing on each other in reparation for the students.

Screening the high school students

From Sue: Two Americans sat behind us in church last week. We struck up a conversation and learned that they were here working at the 37th Military Hospital for three weeks. One was a surgeon and the other an ER nurse. They were from San Antonio where our daughter and our son live. We invited them for dinner on Wed. and exchanged emails in case they got lost or had other complications. We discovered that the last name of one was McMullin [my grandmother on my father’s side was a McMullin] and the last  name of the other was Lamb [my mother’s maiden name was Lamb].  I just laughed.  We could connect with each of them.  Such a small world!

I have a new calling in our congregation.  On Sundays, I will be teaching Sunday School to the 18-30 year old singles. I think this will be very exciting for three reasons: I have taught this age before, these are stimulating individuals, and I will need to study hard to be effective. Today, I had 10 in my class and I hope that more will come next week. To give you some idea of the variety my students, I have one in medical school, one who who is learning to read and everything in between.  Most have been members of the church less than 3 years. I am the first teacher to be called to this age group in our congregation.

Who would believe that it will be March in 2 days?

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