Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feb 5, 2017

View of the entrance to the temple and Independence Ave
It has been a busy week.  On our return from Israel we were asked if we would like to move into a recently vacated apartment on the 3rd floor.  After looking it over on Monday we decided it would be an upgrade, though with “issues”.  It has the same area as our original apartment on the 2nd floor but the configuration is different - a smaller bedroom space and a larger living/dining room. The windows look out on the trees and grass in front of the temple instead of the garbage areas. We can see the sun rise instead of the sun set. The plan was to also shift some newer furniture from a smaller apartment into the new one.

Harmattan sunrise over the Area Building

We thought we would make the move Wednesday afternoon, but on Tuesday morning about 7 the manager asked if we could move in that morning.  So Tom helped move the furniture and then we moved in about 3 hours.  It does have a different feel.  The oven is newer (temperature gauge!), the bedroom closets are at a better height, and the living space is nice.  The taps do not drip and the freezer on top of the fridge is twice the size of our old one.  However, the counter space is non-existent and there is less cupboard space.  Hence the bookshelf next to the couch with very tasteful food and the microwave on top.  Besides living without a lot of stuff to move, missionaries get very creative with whatever space they have.

Living room
Tuesday evening we were working in the temple when we heard, without warning, a lot of wind , thunder, and then rain beating down.  It was a sudden and fierce storm that lasted about an hour.  When it was over, we had lost 9 of the 48 fan palms that surround the temple.  We would have had more snap off but some were young and shorter.  We heard that a lot of electric poles and billboards had been blown down and were covering roadways.  The next morning we were expecting a large group from the MTC 20 miles away but they had not only lost power in the storm but their generator was also out so they were were without electricity and water.  They came in on Thursday instead.

Sue caught a cold, laryngitis, on that same day.  Most of the week she functioned as a patron instead of a worker so she didn’t have to say a lot.  She was feeling well enough yesterday to go to the grocery store and restock our supplies and today is almost back to her verbal self.

We had a great lesson in church today about personal revelation.  One of the interesting analogies is that God is like a broadcaster whose signal is always strong, but until we are tuned in to His frequency we won’t receive the message.  There is merit in that thought.  However, as we talked about this topic in our group, the universal experience was that when seeking for an answer or direction, it rarely came at the time of asking.  Instead it often came at unexpected times or places as we were doing other things.  Answers come, but in His time and not ours.

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