Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 - A Walk in the Park

Last Monday was the 60th anniversary of Ghana Independence Day.  The Grahams invited us on a short road trip to visit the Aburi Botanical Gardens and we enjoyed the outing.  About an hour north of Accra the road climbs up into some high hills, with views of the countryside.  We followed the directions of the GPS and of course ended up out in the middle of nowhere, which was Sue’s favorite part - no people, no garbage, no city.  It was very beautiful and lush.

Eventually we did find the garden, which was opened during the colonial era about 125 years ago and has mostly trees and bushes of various types.  There are also some “restaurants” in the park.  We encountered several groups of people who were dancing, singing, praying, and eating as part of their celebrations.

 Two huge roots

Note what is available at the restaurant.  I've never actually had gizzard sauce on the continent...  The women are preparing to set up food for sale.

This man is pounding cassava to make banku, a local staple.  On the right is a cocoa pod.  They grow from the little flowers that you can see on the trunk.

Monday evening while we were doing a load of laundry, the washer didn't turn off (failed solenoid) and sent a stream onto the floor and down the hall before it was discovered.  Obviously the drain was not the lowest point in the room.  These are high class sweepers and moppers:  Elder Pierson & Tom on the left and Pres. Antwi & Sr. Pierson on the right.  It only took about 15 minutes to clean up.

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