Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shared Experiences April 30, 2017

Good messages from church today:

As the youngest in the family, Terry was assigned to sweep the floor and dust the chairs every morning.  He didn’t appreciate this job because he had older sisters and thought they should be doing it, so sometimes he didn’t do a thorough job.  One day his uncle came to stay with them and knew of Terry’s assignment.  He put a substantial amount of money underneath the couch.  Terry did not move the couch to clean and didn’t see the money.  The next morning his uncle looked under the couch and pulled out the money.  He taught Terry a great lesson about being honest in his work, and from then on he always moved the couch.

A talented young single adult, a returned missionary, told of growing up as a member of the church in a family with 2 sisters.  Ghana is a 3rd world country where the average spending is less than 10 cedis a day (about $2.50).  His older sister is now a certified accountant and a mother of four.  He has a degree in  computer science and works in IT.  His younger sister has a degree in biochemistry and is in medical school.  They were raised by a single mother.  He believes that the windows of heaven were opened to them because their mother taught them to be faithful.   This is his testimony of tithing.

Our new stake president visited the ward today and talked about his conversion and testimony.  When he was 12 years old, his family was quite poor but were active members of the church.  He had an uncle who was a pastor in another denomination and who was relatively wealthy but had no children.  The uncle had a four bedroom apartment and offered to adopt his nephew.  It would give him a son and alleviate some of the family costs of his brother.  Our stake president told his uncle that he would be willing to do that if he could return home on Saturday and Sunday to go to church with his family.  The uncle replied that if he were to be adopted he would have to attend church with him as his own son.  So the boy said no.  Being converted meant that staying in the church he knew to be true was more important than having an easy life with no financial concerns.

We have received permission to leave the temple district during the 2 week closure in June and to extend a week to get to our family reunion in St. George, UT with all the kids and grands.  We are planning some time in France before that visiting the new temple and Pitchers and Ferraras, as well as a few days with Ben and Christy.  It will be a good break.

Sunrise from our window

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