Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sept. 17, 2017

One of our few spontaneous acts in the last 17 months happened on Friday. We invited the institute class to our apartment for pancakes .  We had some of our favorite whole wheat pancake flour to share (imported from Hutterites in Magrath, Alberta, thanks to sister Pudge) along with whipped cream and mixed berry syrup, bananas  and pecans.  We didn’t realize what a cultural experience we were providing . Few had ever seen a pancake, and no one had ever seen or tasted whipped cream or berries before. They asked where whipped cream came from and what it was. Berries do not grow here—our syrup was made from frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and some little red berry that I did not recognize.  They told me that peanuts and cashews were the only nuts grown in Ghana. They were cautious as they spooned a little of each on a pancake.  I am not sure if they liked it - the berries most people thought were weird but they were very polite.   It was very fun!

Charles comes to Sunday school and Institute when he can.   He is in Art school and was showing me his first projects.  We purchased one and it sits above our bed.  It is a wood cutting with extra texture added [mosiacs and paper mache] I really like how it looks in our room.  I told him that when he is a rich and famous artist that I can tell people I was the first to buy one of his works.  What a grin that produced!

If you have listened to  Elder Bednar’s talk to young adults last Sunday, you have been introduced to Pres. Antwi who we live and work with every day.  He is on the same floor of the Ancillary Bldg, as we are and serves as Pres. Graham’s counselor. He is a wonderful man, very positive and very patient. We are honored to serve with him and his wife Victoria.

By Saturday night we are ready for a bit of a diversion and frequently go out for an early supper.  Zion Thai is one of our favorite places to retreat. This is a picture of the whole fish that we ordered - Sister Graham, Sister Roy [our new single temple worker originally from Quebec] and myself enjoying our food.

It seems ironic that after several years of hurricane and disaster preparedness training in Jacksonville , we found ourselves listening and watching from a long distance as the Irma went through. The vicarious experience is quite enough for us!  So sorry to see the images of someone kayaking through San Marco, and the houses washed into the ocean.  However we would have loved to have met Pres. Eyring who came to visit for support and encouragement!

We also followed with horror the fast moving Kenow fire as it swept through Waterton Lakes Park in Alberta.  The townsite and Prince of Wales Hotel were only saved by the diligence and perseverance of the fire crews.  We pray for all those who are suffering and all those who are cleaning up and all those who are firefighting  to save some of the most beautiful parts of the continent.

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