Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oct. 22, 2017

We had a light schedule on Friday so were able to go to the MTC to help with missionary intake, as it is called.  Currently there are 200 missionaries there with the arrival of 160 new ones on Thursday.  The others are doing language study and stay for several weeks instead of just three.  During intake, the senior missionaries serving the Area offices (and others like ourselves) staff the various stations to get the missionaries started.  We were assigned to help with immunizations.  Although Sister Pierson and Sister Jones are registered nurses and Tom a physician, only those certified in Ghana can give shots.  Sue directed traffic at the entrance to the immunization room; Tom helped to  give information in French,  both written and verbal, about the diseases, immunizations, and possible complications of both.  Sister Hill  said we were an answer to their prayers for there were no French speakers who understood anything about the medical side of things.  We processed 101 elders and sisters. Some needed 1 shot but most needed 3 plus oral polio. The 60 Americans were vaccinated before they arrived.  We enjoyed chatting with the new missionaries and the staff.  We will see many of them in the Temple this week for their own endowments.  This will be an historic week for the MTC due to the presence of Elder Bednar for the dedication of the new facility on Tuesday.

Sue was very frustrated with her French this week getting bogged down in verb tenses and conjugations.  She decided to change the emphasis to conversation and now her assignments are: talking about what she has done in the past (last week) and what she will do in the future (next few days). This has put some enthusiasm back in her studies.

It is always humbling when you realize again how the Lord is in the details of your lives. Sue was exhausted trying to keep up with her temple assignments, her 2 French classes and teaching the YSA twice each week.  Amazingly enough, the YSA rep on Friday night at Institute announced that the Stake President was starting an outreach program on Friday evenings and wanted to council with the students in the class - did they want to stay in our own class or to join with the Stake. We encouraged them to always do what their Stake Pres. advised so we are waiting to hear if we are finished.  This is a terrific group of young people but  Sue will still teach them in Sunday School even if not on Friday night.

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving although a week after the fact.  We were grateful to the Glanfields, from Ontario, who hosted.  They actually had a table big enough and space enough to seat nine of us: Meg and Wayne Jones, formerly of Calgary now Kelowna, Ken and Caroline Pierson formerly Calgary and Lethbridge, now Meridian Idaho, Catherine Roy formerly Montreal now Calgary, and us.  It could only have been more fun if the Tolleys were still here.  We had a great time figuring which people we had in common and strangely enough found out that Elder Jones grandmother (Luella Nilsson) and my grandmother (Mary Lovina Hicken) were sisters. We laughed about that.  Tom has been golfing with this man every week for a year and we never knew we were related.

Anyway we had a great meal of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, canned cranberries, candied sweet potatoes, a broccoli and cauliflower casserole, fruit salad and homemade rolls, with apple, pumpkin and lemon pie. 

The Piersons warming up for a competitive game of fat-dog
We were all truly grateful and are now looking forward to American Thanksgiving.

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