Sunday, October 8, 2017

October 8, 2017

We were inspired by the talks and music of General Conference last weekend and are looking forward to studying them over the next six months.  We invited a local sister to watch the sessions with us.  It was the first time she had seen a live broadcast and the first time she could watch all the sessions (except the Priesthood Session which aired here at midnight) in one weekend.  Most members here do not have the internet at home even if they are fortunate enough to have a computer.  The Saturday afternoon and Priesthood sessions were broadcast at the stake center on Sunday with some technical difficulties.

We were fortunate to watch the funeral services for Elder Robert D. Hales, of the Quorum of the Twelve, on Friday evening.  His life was an example of devotion to building the Lord’s kingdom in spite of severe health challenges.  His wise and gentle counsel will be remembered.  

While working in the temple we occasionally have some amusing experiences, mostly due to the naiveté of the new patrons and the challenge of different languages.  For example, the president of the MTC, in preparing new missionaries for their temple experience, tells them that they will be ushered into a dressing room where they will change their clothes and put on the white clothing that they bring from the MTC.  As these missionaries arrive, they are usually taken into the waiting room before being brought in groups of four to the office for verification of their membership records, prior to being taken to the dressing rooms.

One morning this week, the first small group of male missionaries arrived and were asked to wait in the waiting room next to the recommend desk until the others in their group arrived.  This is the same room where our baptismal groups wait.  A few minutes later, the MTC leader heard a commotion from the brother at the recommend desk.  One of the missionaries had emerged from the waiting room, half dressed in his white clothes, and was asking in French where he could get his white slippers.  He was promptly sent back into the waiting room by the anxious, finger-pointing desk attendant who couldn’t speak any French.  The MTC leader was about to take the rest of the group, including sister missionaries, into the waiting room but as he opened the door he found four missionaries in various states of undress getting into their white clothing.  He quickly closed the door and recruited help from someone who spoke French to have the missionaries get back into their street clothes.  The new missionaries had just assumed that the waiting room was the dressing room, and that they should start changing.

Later this week we had a group of 12 unendowed elders with their two previously endowed but inexperienced escorts who went on a session.  Toward the end of the two hour experience, a worker realized that neither of the two escorts had been given a name slip of a deceased person to represent on the session.  They pointed to their escort badge, thinking that  it was all that was needed.  We realized that the brother at the door of the session room needed more instruction in checking to see that all who entered were properly prepared for the session.  Having large groups of inexperienced patrons is a challenge because we never know what they don’t know, or what they might do when not closely attended.

One morning early this week, Tom was exiting our apartment to go exercise.  In the hallway he met a boy who was about 4 years old.  The little boy looked up at him with a smile and pointed, saying “Prophet, prophet!”  We laughed a lot about that one!

Laughing is a very healthy outlet.  Fortunately we have been blessed with a sense of humor and can laugh often at our own foibles.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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