Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nov 5, 2017

Autumn is the birthday season in our family.  Neal is the only one whose birthday falls outside the last quarter of the year.  Our thoughts turn to kids. Two weeks ago, Erin, Ben, Hugh, and Tal all met in Rochester, MN for a mini-reunion.  Our favorite drive-in restaurant (Roscoe’s) was closing for good and they decided to take a nostalgic childhood tour together.  They had a great time but missed Neal, who was working in Saudi Arabia.  

L to R: Jonah with Hugh, Ben, Erin, Tal

Our children and grandchildren continue to expose us to ideas and opportunities that we never dreamed of.

Erin and Michael enjoy San Antonio.  Besides keeping up with their four kids, he teaches at UTSA and is the HP group leader and she is involved in violin teaching and performing, as well as organizing the Seattle Suzuki Institute.  She is the stake primary president and volunteers with the SA Center for Refugee Services. 

Ben and Christy are at Clairemont, CA where he is working on his PhD in Mormon Studies and she is teaching at Harvey Mudd and publishing.  Ben continues to study, write, and lecture about Old Testament, context, creation and evolution, and LDS history.  His course work and Christy’s appointment end next year. 

Neal and Candice and their three are temporarily in Lehi, UT.  The best way for us to explain Neal’s permaculture work is to say that he is a farmer.  In Saudi Arabia.  In the desert.  The project of which he has been the director for many years is splitting into a charitable arm and a development arm.  He will be paid to get his MBA next year (somewhere) and then rejoin the project.  They enjoy Utah and skiing together at the moment.

Hugh and Kristi and their four are in Madison, WI.  He still works for Apple.  This is his last go round for med school application.  If he isn’t accepted he will likely start a master’s program in Healthcare Admin.  He is the elder’s quorum president and just finished his second marathon.

Tal also lives in San Antonio and is a private music teacher.  He and Erin collaborate in playing gigs at various functions.  We like his girlfriend, and he is happier than he has been in many years.

With Hadleys and Liljenquists

We enjoyed a dinner last evening with two other wonderful couples who work in the Area Office.  It is remarkable how each couples’ mission experience can be so unique. The Hadleys, in the middle, are in charge of Public Affairs. What you see on Mormon Newsroom West Africa is written by them. Liljenquists work in the legal department and with the Area web site and go home next Friday.  We miss those who have been released and love to get to know the new senior missionaries as they come.

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