Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jan 21, 2018

Two things to share on our first day of temple closure.  I really enjoy teaching the Young Single Adults in our ward. They are receptive and responsive and it gives me great joy to see them thinking about new ideas.  Today our lesson was on the Creation mostly from the book of Moses. Many thanks must go to our son Ben for his studies and his insights ( ).  I was grateful that our class could have a good scriptural discussion on the who, why and a bit of the how [ex nihilo versus Abraham 3:24 plus the verb ‘organized’ in Abr 4:1 versus created].  After class, a woman approached and asked a question about God and his color and wondered if in the eternal worlds we would all be white?  I asked her if she new what color God was?  I assured her that I did not. I explained that God radiates light and truth or glory because of his holiness  and as we become more like him, we too will reflect light and truth. This response seemed to satisfy her.

We spent several hours this afternoon with a church film crew from SLC and LA.  It was a hot humid day, about 90 degrees with humidity and fortunately a slight breeze—not great for keeping dry or keeping the hair curled. The filmers were drinking lots of water so they could avoid dehydration.  Interestingly, the camera man served a mission in Rochester MN in 1987 when Tom was a bishop there and now teaches in the film dept. at USC.  Our son-in-law received his PhD from USC in linguistics.  Such connections you can make in Africa! 

They are in Accra working on content for a church web site which will be a portal to consolidate the opportunities for potential senior missionaries and encourage them to serve, using videos of currently serving couples.  Through some self-screening tools they will be able to see specific opportunities where they might want to serve.  We previewed some of what they have done and it looked very good.  There are also crews filming at the Washington DC Temple and the Sapporo Japan Temple.  We and the Piersons may be seen in about 40 seconds of a two minute  segment about temple missions.  Pres. Assard took a few pictures while we were waiting to start.  We look forward to using the new web site by the time we apply for #2!

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