Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb. 11, 2018

This will be short today.  As predicted last week, we have been very busy.  We had our second largest group of living endowments, ever, mainly due to the large number of French-speaking missionaries from the MTC.  The temple furniture has been newly recovered during the closure and looks marvelous.  Now if only it matched the carpets as well….

We sang the following hymn to close our ward conference service this morning.  The words and music were written by Joseph H. Dean, who is my great grandfather’s half brother, and it summarizes some of the feelings we have about Africa today.

“Look up, my soul; be not cast down.
Keep not thine eyes upon the ground.
Break off the shackles of the earth.
Receive, my soul, the spirit’s birth.

And now as I go forth again
To mingle with my fellow men,
Stay thou nearby, my steps to guide,
That I may in thy love abide.”

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