Sunday, February 25, 2018

Feb. 25, 2018

In two weeks we will  finish our 23 months in the Accra Ghana Temple. It is surprising how quickly the time has passed and how hard we have worked.  It will be a bittersweet experience to leave.  It makes the possibility of not meeting until the Spirit World very real. There are members here that we love and have learned a great deal from. We will miss them. We have seen a complete turnover of senior missionaries since most return home after 18 months but have been grateful to meet their replacements and be inspired by them. Being in Africa has made us better people and hopefully those experiences which have changed us, will stay in our hearts and minds and influence all our relationships.  

I was impressed with a story from the life of Ghandi. He was running for a train and as he was jumping for the car, lost one of his shoes.  As soon as he got his balance and his bag, he bent over, removed the other shoe and threw it out the window. A fellow traveler asked why he had done that.  He responded, “ What good will it do the fellow who finds it to only have one shoe?”  How completely we must bring the Savior into our lives—to practice living the gospel  that He lived and taught.  It is not enough to wear virtue, we must assimilate virtue.  We need to practice enough that thinking of others first becomes our automatic response.  Practically, ‘Let us not be content with where we are, but neither let us be discouraged.’

I have started cleaning out the cupboards and have thrown away all the expired spices. We are only buying fresh produce for groceries. I made pumpkin bars today to use our last can of pumpkin and our last cream cheese.  We have decided what clothes, shoes and books are staying here. We have sent in our apartment inventory and informed the caretaker of all the things that need to be fixed before our replacement comes.  I have two Sunday School classes left to teach.

I signed up for the Rosetta Stone French language program.  It is really fun and although I have only completed two units [an hour each day] I am finding that I actually know something.  The program is a great motivator.

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  1. Congratulations on a fantastic mission. Thanks for all the great information you gave us in advance. It was very helpful. Best wishes with your future plans. We hope to meet you someday in the future.

    Kind Regards, Marsha and Craig Cheney