Sunday, February 4, 2018

Feb. 4, 2018 "And I saw another angel fly..." Rev. 14:6

Monday this week we went to Tema, where the old MTC building is, to the market.  Elder Hill, who is a senior missionary serving the MTC, knew a tailor who makes pants.  The market is a sprawling chaotic collection of lanes, shanties, and huts where everything is sold.  This is where the population shops.  We followed Elder Hill through the maze until we arrived at a fabric stall, purchased our washable wool blend, and then took it 20 yards away to the tailor.  If all went well, we will have new pants ready tomorrow.

The excitement of the week was seeing the Angel Moroni statue on top of the temple be replaced.  It seems that this needs to happen every decade or so due to weathering of the gold leaf.  Six years ago an attempt was made to make the exchange but at that time the country did not have a portable crane capable of reaching that high.  Instead, a pulley system was used, but it jammed at some point in trying to raise the old statue and only after much prayer and effort were they able to free it again and lower it back into place.

Unloading the counterbalance weights for the crane 

So Moroni2 (the understudy) has been waiting in the wings, actually on the roof of the temple all wrapped up in a large box, for 6 years. Friday was his turn to shine.  He was prepared for his starring role with a new coating of gold leaf which was then burnished and sealed.  We had a nice view of the event from our staircase window and took some photos.  The crane received an award for best-supporting actor.

Sue decided to get a seat with Srs. Pierson and Hadley on the side of the Area Building to watch the event. It was a hot day but with a slight breeze, we had a great view and were very comfortable.

This week-end our visitors from SLC were the YM President and a General Sunday School councillor who did training on Saturday. They brought their wives with them and all looked very young.

Tom graciously taught my YSA Sunday School lesson today as I had a bout with nausea and vomiting  during the night.  I had a very leisurely morning sleeping and after eating some chicken soup, feel almost normal.  

In reading a talk by Elder Oaks from the 1986, Brothers Keeper, I found a quote from Joseph Smith that caught my attention. “We have no right to scare mankind to repentance. We should preach the gospel as glad tidings of great joy which shall be unto all people. ‘History of the Church1:280.

Tuesday the temple reopens to patrons from Ivory Coast and Wednesday through Friday we will have a new group from the MTC.  It will be good to be very busy again.

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