Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 11, 2018

We have finished our last week in the Temple.   It was busy to the end.  Tom was able to give away his white suits, his shoes, and some shirts and I my sandals.  Many said sweet good byes and hoped we would come back. Some brought gifts : a bow tie, a necklace, a leather carrier for a passport,  a t-shirt, some earrings. Such generosity from people who have little in the worlds goods.

Today we spoke in church after 2 other missionaries bore their testimonies, a young single, and a visiting mission president. The bishop asked all those who were in my class to stand and sing  “You can make the pathway bright “ for the interlude hymn.  We cut our talks to bits but could still feel the spirit.  After the meetings we got together with the YSA and they presented us with a booklet of pictures of the class and each had written something we had taught them. It was very touching and we hugged and cried and sang “God be with you ‘till we meet again”.  We spent the afternoon and evening with the Redlins, sharing and comparing our experiences.  It is sweet to be with old friends.

It feels just like every other week, but it is over.  Most of our clothes are packed and we will finish tomorrow before FHE. Our space is so small that there is not much to clean. Tuesday morning at 9:00 we will fly to Cape Town, South Africa to see the sights, head up to two different safari lodges in Kruger National Park and spend a couple of days at Victoria Falls before returning to Accra for 48 hours with our Temple President.  We will have a chance to meet our replacements, the Cheneys, at that time.  

We have learned so much.  Our hearts are full.  The work will go on but for us it is time to go home.

We will arrive in Jacksonville at 7 pm on Monday, Mar. 26 and have been asked to speak in sacrament meeting in the Jacksonville Beach Ward at 10 AM on Sunday April 8th.

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